London Baby...


On the last weekend of July me and a few of my closest friends took a trip down to London for the weekend to see a production at the London Palladium Theatre. We booked our tickets for The Wizard of Oz a year ago and couldn't wait for the weekend to come. Whilst there, the weather was amazing which made the whole trip even more enjoyable. The pictures that I took in London have gave me inspiration for some drawing in prep of going back to uni. Here are a few of the Images from our weekend away....

                                                         (Goody bags for the journey)

                                                           (Our hotel for the weekend)

                                                         (Loving the pop out map)

                                             (Pretty Gardens near Buckingham palace)

                                                     (A cheeky afternoon Pear Cider)

                                                          (Enjoying the Sunshine)

                                                                          (Big Ben)

                                                           (My friends before the Show)
                                                     (The Beautiful building of Libertys)

                                             (I Love this bicycle- Liberty Window Display)

                                 (My little purchase from Topshop London- Love the bag)

Amazing China...

                                                       (Foshan- Guangdong Province)

In June of this year I visited China for one month, starting off in Hong Kong then moving on to the Guangdong Province and finally Beijing. 
It was probably the most enjoyable time of my life, I met so many lovely people, ate delicious food and saw one of the most amazing wonders of the world! I almost felt at home in China enjoying the city life and busy streets of Hong Kong, relaxing with facials and spa days in the South of China. My favourite time whilst there was the five days spent in Beijing, it really is a beautiful place and the sights were amazing. I am a definite tourist and loved using maps to get around and snapping at every opportunity. I took so many photographs whilst there, so here's a few to share with you....

                                                                    (Hong Kong)

                                                         (Hong Kong- Victoria Harbour)

                                                       (Foshan- Guangdong Province)

                                                           (Giant Panda- Beijing Zoo)

                                                      (The Forbidden City- Beijing)

                                                       (The Forbidden City- Beijing)

                                                                     (A Beijing view)

                                                 (The Great wall of China- Beijing)

                                                            (The Great Wall- Beijing)

                                           (Becoming quite the expert using chopsticks)

                                                      (Chinese writing in Bamboo)

                                                       (A walk in the park- Foshan)

Snap Happy...

                                                                    (Boat trip- Crete)

Taking Photographs is something I really enjoy, my camera is half decent and takes some really good pictures but i'm hoping to purchase a much better model soon! These are a few pictures that I have taken in the past year or so that I love to look back at. I try to capture every happy moment that I can on camera. I find myself taking pictures that I think will inspire me somewhere along the line.
Looking back through my Images I feel a sense of longing to be back in these moments but am glad I took the time to take a snap!

                                                       (A pebbled beach on Holiday)

                                                (The beautiful view from a restaurant)

                                                            (The Eiffel Tower- Paris)

                                                                   (Summer Floral)

                                                        (Beach huts at Blyth Beach)

                                               (A small port captured on a charity walk)

                                                   (St Mary's Lighthouse- Whitley Bay)

                                                       (Pimms Time on Ladies day)

Hello World...

Welcome to Material Affair, i set up my page some time ago now and have yet to start blogging so here goes.....
I am currently a student at Nottingham Trent University studying Textile Design and am about to enter my third and final year of my degree... (ahh scary stuff!!)
I would like to share with you all the journey of my inspiration for my University work and also my Interests and things that I truly Love...
Hope you all enjoy.